On the Home Stretch! Into Assignment 3

Last Friday I finished professional experience and what a great experience it was!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, had a fantastic mentor and a great little year 1 class. 20 students and very minimal behaviour issues. It was a big change to all my other pracs that I have been on!

My last prac was in the prep room and this on was in year 1, and I think I am in my element with this age group. I received fantastic feedback and had heaps of fun!! Loving it!!



2 thoughts on “On the Home Stretch! Into Assignment 3

  1. Reblogged this on Lisa Rose's Blog and commented:
    Like Megan, I too had an enjoyable experience on prac. It’s such a rewarding experience when we have good mentors making themselves, and their experience available to us to learn from. Unfortunately I know many of my peers haven’t had the same experience, and it’s my hope that over time, I will become the kind of mentor I have had – who encourages, empowers and instills my teaching students to be and do their best.

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