Well I have just completed the Connect.ed Modules and WOW! It is interesting to see how much technological change there has been even since I was in high school (grade 8 was only 10 years ago WOW haha).

When I started the modules I was thinking about my experience with technology in grades 8, 9 and 10, before I went away to boarding school, compared to the technological lives of my younger sisters now… I lived on a property and had dial-up internet so if I wanted to use the internet I had to make sure no one was on the phone, then if Mum or Dad wanted to use the phone I had to disconnect and wait for them to finish before I could go back on… I wasn’t allowed to use it much because it costed SO much! When I was doing assignments, Mum would always tell me to go and get the encyclopedias from the cupboard to find information, I would rarely use Google!! I was a bit naughty and sometimes would tell Mum that I needed to use the internet to do my assignments, when really I wanted to talk to my friends on MSN… Shh don’t tell her!! 🙂

Now, I go home and my younger sisters are on mum’s iPad, on the computer, on their phones chatting to their friends on Facebook, updating statuses, uploading photos to Instagram, sending snaps on Snapchat and I know for a fact that my parents wouldn’t know half of what was going on or being said in those online conversations. This is how easy cyberbullying can happen, simply because parents, teachers and other adults simply do not know what is going on.

I loved the Safety Tips for Students – Lower Primary that were outlined in Mrs Brown’s blog post and I think that some of these can be incorporated across all age groups, not only lower primary.

It is through these measures, and further investigation and education of students and parents that we as teachers can help to prevent the horrible cases of bullying that are happening over the internet. No one should feel horrible because of a comment made by someone else. Cybersafety programs need to be implemented into all schools and the schools should have collaboration with parents to help stop this. Cybersafety needs to start from when the students are young, so they have a good understanding of what it all means and how it can affect themselves and others.

You can find a copy of my Connect.ed Certificate here


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