Bullying – It’s not OK

Bullying is not something new. It has been around for a long time and unfortunately will be around for a long time to come. But the scary thing is, it is becoming easier to do and harder to detect through the internet and social networking sites. Bullying used to happen in the school ground or on the way to and from school, and teachers and adults could often see when there was tension rising between their students, as stated in the Expert Interviews of the second Connect.ed Modules. But as Leesa said in her blog post Connect.ed, bullying often happens in a child’s seclusive area, for example their bedroom and is harder to pick up the early signs of these negative interactions. 

My sister has a peer who committed suicide because of bullying… This boy was in grade 12… That is just not right! 

How can we as teachers detect these negative interactions early? How can we teach our students that bullying is not OK? How can we teach our students what to do if they come across interactions that they think could be classed as bullying?

I would love to hear other peoples thoughts, because bullying is NOT OK!!


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