What do I know about Lesson Planning?

I am working on Week 9’s Learning Path, and I was just asked to think about what I already know about lesson planning and make this knowledge explicit. I really got me thinking because I guess I have never really stopped and thought about my knowledge and understanding in regards to lesson planning. It’s one of those things you just do, I have found.

This is a list of things that initially sprung to mind, but I am sure if I spent the time to think about this further, I would think of a lot more things that I know about lesson planning. So here goes..

  •          Prior Knowledge: What do the students already know?
  •          How will I engage the students?
  •          What are the important points that need to be included in the lesson?
  •          What information do I want the students to understand?
  •          What behaviour strategies do I need to incorporate?
  •          What students do I need to differentiate for?
  •          What resources are available? What resources do I require?
  •          Will the students experience success throughout the activity and gain a better understanding of the subject?
  •          How long will each activity take?
  •          How has this subject been taught before? Did this work?
  •          Will this activity help the students reach the requirements of the Australian curriculum?
  •          Are there any other activities that will interrupt the teaching of this subject?
  •          How do I feel about teaching this subject? Do I fully understand the concept? What don’t I know or understand about what I need to teach? Do I have time to grasp a full understanding?

It’s amazing how much thinking really goes into planning great lessons for our students, isn’t it!! 🙂


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