ICT’s in Year 1 History

I am starting to see my assignment all come together and can see that this unit plan is achievable!! So I thought I’d just pop in here and reflect on what I have done so far and how I have incorporated ICT’s into my unit of work… I hope I have integrated ICT’s in an engaging and positive way!

So these are my content descriptors that I am looking at…

Present and Past Family Life

  • How the present, past and future are signified by terms indicating time such as ‘a long time ago’, ‘then and now’, ‘now and then’, ‘old and new’, ‘tomorrow’, as well as by dates and changes that may have personal significance, such as birthdays, celebrations and seasons (ACHHK029)
  • Differences and similarities between students’ daily lives and life during their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods, including family traditions, leisure time and communications. (ACHHK030)

Historical Questions and Research

  • Pose questions about the past using sources provided (ACHHS033)

Analysis and Use of Sources

  • Identify and compare features of objects from the past and present (ACHHS035)

And this is how I have integrated ICT’s…

Videos from YouTube to help students gain an understanding of terms such as past, present, future. 

View an online illustrated story book of toys from the past

View and online Image Gallery of Toys

Use the online Read Write Think program to create online Venn diagrams to compare and and present

Students using Microsoft word to type surveys for their parents and grandparents to complete and also to type a description as part of their assessment. 

I am hoping that these ICT’s will benefit my students learning and help them to become successful 21st century learners!!


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