Blogging in the Classroom

I recently read Mshell Brown’s blog ‘Did you know blogging is the new persuasive essay‘ and found interesting the points she made about using blogging in the classroom to encourage students to become more creative writers.

It was only just prior to this that I was working on my assignment 2 and trying to work out what ICT’s I would use throughout it, how I would incorporate this into the assessment and how it would all pan out if I were to actually teach this unit. Somewhere in this thought pattern was blogging, but I skipped over this as I am planning a unit of work for year 1 students. 

I find myself constantly assuming that they would not have the word processing skills needed to be able to create blogs but maybe this would be a good way to get my students creating texts… They can easily change what they have written, instead of rubbing out and re-writing, they would get immediate feedback on spelling, which may help them to be more comfortable to have a go and they would also get feedback from their peers and teachers. 

I am interested to see what other people think about using blogs with year one students?? 


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