Assignment 2

Getting started on Assignment 2 has been I guess forced upon me as I travel through the learning paths for weeks 4 and 5 (Yes, I am a bit behind!!). But I think that it is a good thing that I have been working on it as I go through the learning paths, because it makes me look at it and start it early, rather than the week before it’s due. This is especially great for this assignment as my sisters wedding is on the weekend before it’s due so that’s a few less days I will have to complete it!!

So for assignment 2, I have decided to write a unit of work for Year 1 History. The curriculum that I will be using is the Australian Curriculum and the content descriptors that will be the focus for the unit are as follows…

Historical Knowledge and Understanding

  •          Present and Past Family Life

How the present, past and future are signified by terms indicating time such as ‘a long time ago’, ‘then and now’, ‘now and then’, ‘old and new’, ‘tomorrow’, as well as by dates and changes that may have personal significance, such as birthdays, celebrations and seasons (ACHHK029)

Differences and similarities between students’ daily lives and life during their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods, including family traditions, leisure time and communications. (ACHHK030)

Historical Skills

  •          Historical Question s and Research

Pose questions about the past using sources provided (ACHHS033)

  •          Analysis and Use of Sources

Identify and compare features of objects from the past and present (ACHHS035)

 Although I haven’t decided on specific learning experiences that will happen throughout the unit, at least I have made a start with my content descriptors and criteria… I’m on the way!! 🙂 


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