Carrying On with Assignment 1

Only 4 more days until assignment 1 is due in… YAY!! and BOO!! 🙂 

Yay because it will be one assignment down and out of the way!! And BOO because that means I only have four more days to complete it (Take out a couple of those for other commitments!).

When I was thinking about starting assignment 1, I was really grateful to read Ashleigh and Melissa’s blogs about the use of Prezi as an online presentation software. I investigated this program and I too decided that it seemed like a fairly straightforward and easy to use program. 

Although I was slightly nervous on beginning this assignment, I have found that having an easy to use program takes a lot of the stress out of completing the assignment. It’s one less thing to think about. 

I also think that it is something that I may be able to incorporate into my classroom for my students to use to complete activities in the future. 

You can watch a short YouTube clip of how it works, if you are interested to learn more! 


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