Accepting and Appreciating ICT’s in My Daily Life

Week four, semester 1, 2014… WOW! What a learning experience EDC3100 has been so far!! 

Let’s rewind 4 weeks and take a look at my regular use of ICT’s… Facebook… Emails… Pinterest… That’s about it really. Now fast forward 4 weeks and take a look at the ICT’s that are a regular occurrence in my life now… Still Facebook, emails and Pinterest, but add to that Feedly, WordPress, Twiter, Scootle, Diigo… Four weeks ago, I did not even know about most of these, let alone dreamed of using them!! 

But the best thing is, I’m not only using them for my ICT course, I am starting to incorporate them into my other uni courses as well! Just the other day, I was doing some research for assignment one , when I come across some great information that linked to one of my other courses. I thought to myself, ‘How am I going to remember where I found this information?’ Then it dawned on me… Of course!! Diigo!! It has made it so simple for me to store information that will  be useful to me, and using lists and tags on Diigo, so easy for me to find the information after saving it! 

I definitely understand what Melissa is saying about finding a new appreciation of ICT’s and social media in her blog and how these can have a great deal of influence on our daily lives, as well as 

Broadening our pedagogical knowledge to learning and sharing new teaching resources, ideas, reflections, concepts and ICTs available today.

I have decided to become more open to learning about new ICT’s and appreciating all that they have to offer. 


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