Technology… Advantage or Disadvantage?!

In Postman’s 5 Things we need to know about technical change, he discusses that technology is always a trade off.

For every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage. 

This leads me to think about the use of computers and iPad’s by children from an early age… I know that technology is always evolving and it is important for children of the 21st century to be able to keep up with these technologies, but is handwriting and spelling really something that is going to be ‘thrown out the window’ in years to come?! 

As Kim said in her blog,

Are school’s embracing ICT’s to their fullest potential or is technology taking over the school’s pedagogy?

Should we as teachers be encouraging the use of technologies that much, that students are losing what I see as important everyday skills, such as writing with a pen and paper?! 

But, in saying this, as I saw in the What If? video, in years to come, will it still be a requirement that people will need to be able to use a pen and paper, or will that be obsolete? Maybe I need to change my thinking and embrace technology more, letting the advantage of technology outweigh the what I see as disadvantage. 


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